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These are still work-in-progress drafts and hence aren’t officially published in my blog yet

How building in public changed my life
The rise of expert economy
Bite-sized sales advice
Interviewing Gary Vee
Two modes in me
I wake up in the morning
A few wild things I believe
Alex Hormozi’s value equation
To win on the Internet
Launch ladder
My second exit
My Media Kit
My Media Kit
Airbnb startup story is WILD 🤯
Podcasting is a long game
How to think about your fund thesis
Say thank you often
Killer sales pitches/ offers
Videos that inspire me
Billion dollar ideas
Goals and values of my podcast
Just 500 views
My fav tweets
The Greatest VC Funds Ever
Great story on why you should build in public
Lenny’s Best
Internet’s most interesting gift stores
Make tweets for your current or future self
13,500 paintings
School mindset vs creator mindset
125x returns on Instacart for seed investors
Success is just outlasting failure
How to pick the right SaaS idea for you
YC advice for seed decks
Writing is hard. Suck it up.
Founder-market fit is priceless
Featured on Atlanta Business Chronicles
Collison Installation
How to send investor updates [an example from Front’s CEO]
Highly curated examples of newsletter websites
100 bite-sized startup nuggets from First Round
Useful sales framework
Useful lessons from Paul Graham
Talk at University of Georgia
Habit, Hassle and History
Golden lessons I learned in 2023
6 takeaways from my PH course
Curate and educate
On failure
The goal of your advertising should be…
Top 1%
You need a wedge
Unflinching belief
The work is the reward
Idea is not 90%, craft is