I wake up in the morning

Written on 11/11/22

I wake up in the morning to help founders succeed, to help founders win. Especially early stage founders.

My deep drive and vision is to free people from inconveniences and inefficiencies of life so they can live better lives.

I intend to help founders & startups who are focused on achieving this through the power of technology and innovation.

I intend to help these founders succeed by leveraging my God-given gifts and talents, and skills that I have actively developed over the years.

My God-given gifts are:

  • the ability to think clearly
  • public speaking
  • marketing
  • pitching & sales
  • product intuition
  • facilitation and conversation

My intentional habits are:

  • being focused & driven
  • coming up with new creative ideas
  • being insanely consistent
  • being prolific & taking many shots
  • being creative and learning as much as I can
  • learning by doing and taking risks and failing
  • practicing bravery and fearlessness to ask even dumb questions, and seek help from others, so I can grow and learn.
  • invest belief capital in others .. almost always earlier than most will

I see myself as a guidance counselor — someone who sees potential in others, not just pedigree, someone who sees a tree, while only looking at just a seed.

Someone who likes to empower people, and invite them on an odyssey to be their best self, and realize their highest self-actualized potential.

I try my best to be a giver.

I am someone who is an ordinary person with an extraordinary drive and desire to achieve extraordinary things. I am an ordinary person with an extraordinary ambition and patience, that spans decades to create impact in business and society.

I’m ordinary .. just like anyone but I have a calling. A purpose. And I can’t not act on it.