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I'm Karthik Puvvada, often called 'KP' by friends and my audience on the Internet. I'm a founder, creator and coach based out of Atlanta. I’m the founder of Build In Public Studio, a content and consulting company aimed at helping create more successful founders in the world.

Previously, I worked as a Program Director at Day One, a premier founder school backed by Gary Vee and Antler Ventures.

Before that, I’ve built several global entrepreneurial communities (including On Deck No-Code Fellowship) from scratch to $1m in revenue. Since 2018, I have also launched 15+ businesses and side-projects using no-code tools (some of which have been acquired!).

I’ve cultivated an audience of over 38,000 on Twitter and 7,000 on email by building my career in public. On the side, I’ve been an angel investor and advisor/coach to world-class startup founders.


Full bio:

Karthik Puvvada (known by his friends and online as "KP") is a serial product builder, founder, podcast host, angel investor, advisor, coach and a leader of the "build in public" movement — that is taking the internet by storm.

He’s the founder of Build In Public Studio, a content and consulting company aimed at helping create more successful founders in the world.

He was previously the Program Director at Day One, a premier founder school backed by Gary Vee. Before that, he built a $1m+ educational program and community at On Deck that served more than 500 ambitious no-code builders & founders.

He built an audience of nearly 40,000 from scratch on Twitter and 7,000 on email by building his entire startup career in public. In 2021, he launched a global no-code fellowship at On Deck ["Silicon Valley For The Internet"] that helped over 500 tech products and businesses come to life from founders across 50 countries. He is also an angel investor in early-stage startups and advices/coaches world-class founders from YC and On Deck. His investments include Softr, Stoa, Airboxr, Cal.com, and more.

In 2022, he was bestowed Community Member of the Yearaward by Product Hunt as he became a Top Hunter on the platform bringing 50+ products and startups to the market.

He gained popularity as the “Build In Public” guy on the Internet after building and shipping 13+ no-code projects all publicly on Twitter since 2018 garnering thousands of users. His favorite projects include DoThingsThatDontScale, Cuppa, LetterDrop, No-Code Cheat Sheet, and Build In Public.

He was invited to give talks and workshops at prestigious entrepreneurship centers like Oxford University’s OXI incubator and Terry College of Business.

Build In Public Podcast is KP’s interview show where he chats with ambitious startup founders, CEOs and top Internet creators to unpack their stories, insights and lessons. In the 1s season, he interviewed business icons and legends like Gary Vee, Alexis Ohanian, Kat Cole etc.

You can find him at @thisiskp_on Twitter where he shares his daily tips, lessons, and insights on no-code, communities, and the art of building in public.

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What people say about me:

“KP has had massive impact on so many builders in the no-code space. I wouldn't have known about no-code if it weren't for a meetup he hosted a few years ago.” — Lola

“KP - your leadership is transcendent. You are the reason many people discover OnDeck, No-code, and new passions.” - Patrick

“You are the beacon of real authentic value to a community… in the form of content, community building, thought leadership, and uplifting of others.” - Vriti

“Meeting with KP was a game changer for helping me with strategy around building in public and growing my business. He was an early believer and helped me see a path of how to execute that I am using today. We sat down and looked through my current distribution channels and how to exploit them. It was a major confidence boost for me to have an ally like KP. When you’re a Founder I’ve learned how alone you can feel. Having insights and passion poured into you to help my journey is something I’m very grateful for. “ - Michael

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Key Appearances:

Here is a collection of my best podcast interviews so far:

  • Interview with Gary Vee on the BUILD IN PUBLIC PODCAST

  • Interview with Alexis Ohanian Sr. on The Build In Public Podcast