KP’s Website

KP’s Website

Karthik Puvvada (KP)

Founder. Creator. Coach.

I'm Karthik Puvvada, often called 'KP' by friends and my audience on the Internet. Currently, I am leading Founder Relations at a global fintech startup Paddle (last valued at $1.4B) helping create and run founder-facing educational and community programs.

Before that, I was the founder & CEO of Build In Public Fellowship, an ed-tech startup that offered online programs and community to helped 100s of early stage founders overcome growth and product challenges.

I also co-founded 2 SaaS startups and over 15 side-hustles since 2018 all in public. I started a business podcast the “Build In Public Podcast” and interviewed ambitious founders & CEOs like Gary Vee, Alexis Ohanian Sr.

I was awarded “Community Member of the Year (2022)” by Product Hunt as I became a Top Hunter on the platform helping ~95 startups with their go-to-market launch campaigns. (Interested to collab with me? DM me)

I’m one of the strongest evangelists of the “building in public” movement that is helping founders attract early customers & investors by sharing their journey online as it unfolds.

Previously, I helped over 500 founders globally take a shot on their dreams and kickstart businesses through education programs and communities resulting in $1.25m in revenue. Led high-profile positions as a director at startups like On Deck (funded by Founders Fund) and Day One (funded by Gary Vee).

Welcome to my personal website where I share hand-picked resources, ideas and insights from my journey and experiences to help founders and creators.

“KP is a super giving person, and felt like I was talking to a mentor. Seeing how confident KP is and how in his journey he’s put himself out there with graciousness and fearlessness, is pushing me to do the same.” - Jacky (founder)
“KP was fantastic. Super engaging, active listener, generous with advice.” - Ana (founder)
“KP is excellent and pragmatic on product building! He really believes that business is a positive sum game”. - Chris (founder)

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Here are a few curated podcast interviews where I was featured that tell my story: