What I did while I was at On Deck

What I did while I was at On Deck


  • First outside hire to build a world-class no-code community and a Fellowship program from scratch called On Deck No-Code (ODNC) that served 360 customers (Fellows) sourced from 40+ countries
  • As the Director, led my team to surpass $1m+ revenue (a combination of program earnings and B2B partnership revenue) in 1.5 years
  • Led my team to surpass expectations with an unparalleled Fellow NPS metric (our KPI) within 3 months (set the highest NPS record of 83 across all of 25+ On Deck Fellowships!)
  • Built a buzzing and diverse community of 360 paid fellows including ambitious professionals from Slack, Google, Webflow etc.
  • Hosted and facilitated 200+ virtual events at On Deck including Fireside Chats, panels and Demo Days with top tech figures like:
    • Ryan Hoover (Founder of Product Hunt)
    • Erik Torenberg (Founder of On Deck)
    • Shishir Mehrotra (CEO of Coda)
    • Emmanuel Straschnov (CEO of Bubble)
    • Sahil Lavingia (CEO of Gumroad)
    • Lolita Taub (Investor at Ganas VC) and more
  • Led tactical growth sprints that resulted in 2500 qualified leads in the program pipeline with an ARPU of $1800/customer
  • Facilitated over 9 biz dev partnership deals (resulting in the largest partnership portfolio at On Deck for a program) and attracted paid partner clients like Bubble, Coda, Softr etc.
  • Before joining On Deck, shipped 10+ no-code projects (many still generating passive income and had 2 exits)
  • Made 9 angel investments, advised top founders from YC & On Deck
  • Awarded “Community Member of the YearGolden Kitty by Product Hunt for the year 2021
  • Helped 400+ of founders, operators and builders by coaching and mentoring them through GTM strategy, launch playbooks and marketing through a building in public lens


Check out this collection below of all the co-signs and testimonials I received for my work/impact at On Deck from customers who I served and co-workers who worked with me (along with the team members I led)


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