Writing is hard. Suck it up.

Writing is hard. Suck it up.


From rookies to the top 1%, everyone struggles with writing

“For writers who didn’t start off as journalists (e.g., Malcolm Gladwell, Neil Strauss), writing is hard and continues to be hard. What makes it easier? Knowing that many of the “greats” are going through the same thing. It’s reassuring to know that someone at the top of their game—who has seemingly beaten all of the odds—still has the daily struggle.”

James Clear writes:

“Many people assume they are bad at writing because it is hard. This is like assuming you are bad at weightlifting because the weight is heavy.

Writing is useful because it is hard. It's the effort that goes into writing a clear sentence that leads to better thinking.”

Alexandre Dumas (Count of Monte Cristo) has his butler remove all of his clothes other than his robe so he would be forced to write, thereby overcoming his resistance.

My additional point: The big difference w/ weight training, the resistance (which is hard) is external. So it’s expected.

But with writing the hard part (resistance) comes from inside as in its internal

So aspiring writers, assume incorrectly that elite writers don’t have this and give up too soon

Basically, writing is hard.

Nothing worthwhile in life is easy.

Suck it up and just start.