Bite-sized sales advice

  • Try to present your pitch as an offer, not as an “ask”
    • An offer is your invitation to share your expertise / platform to help a customer reach a goal. This sounds confident and gives you leverage. An ask makes it feel like you are being desperate and have no leverage.
  • Make the offer seem exclusive
    • Ex: “Limited to 5 customers only“, “the first 20 sales only”
  • Create a sense of urgency
    • Ex: “Offer open until 2 days only”
  • Create a limited time “deal” for a specific customer or a small group of customers. Make them feel special.
    • 50% off for the first 10 customers with the coupon code XYZ
  • Highlight relevant social proof
    • Ex: “John is my former client who was in your same shoes. Here is how I helped him. Happy to make an intro if you want to chat with him. “
  • Be prepared to handle any typical objections or hesitations
  • Highlight value prop clearly & in simple terms
  • Share what customers will miss out on if they don’t act now — show the stakes
  • Make them look smart and as if they are getting a better deal always (than feeling like being at the short end of the stick)
  • Show long term thinking, be willing to walk away and wish them good still
  • Be humble but let it be clear you take your work seriously & respect yourself (value your time & theirs too)
  • Always be prospecting & selling so the pipeline is never dry
  • Sales is 90% listening & understanding, 10% pitching your offer
  • Sales is transfer of enthusiasm between you and your customer
  • Sales is learning about point A (where your customer is right now) and point B (where he or she wants to be in the future state) and showing how you can guide them there
  • Always be collecting & documenting testimonials and social proof. You never know where it can come in handy in the future!
  • Marketing is about creating awareness and trust about you, sales is about creating an urgency and a relevant offer to turn awareness into revenue.
  • If you are selling a high-ticket item, make sure it feels exclusive and expensive. And it won’t be meant for everyone — that’s precisely the point.
  • “Sales is just a transfer of conviction from you to the customer through a bridge of trust” — Alex Hormozi

Additional notes:

Your outbound emails should teach you about the 4 core tenets of customer acquisition:

1. Can they afford it? (your service or product)

2. Do they trust me/the company?

3. Is there a real business need?

4. Is it urgent enough for them to act?

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