A few wild things I believe

  • That there is no competition for me in business .. why? Because I’m so obsessed & focussed on serving and helping customers that I don’t care to worry about competitors.
  • That I will win in the long run by giving away a lot and not keeping score.. why? Because karma is real and the more you give .. the more you get eventually.
  • That I am destined to be a founder & investor .. why? No clue but I had this silent whisper in my ear since childhood. All of my life’s events conspired in a way to make this seemingly evident.
  • That technology is a net good for society… why? Because when done right, tech allows you to remove suffering from people’s lives and that’s a powerful Buddhist karmic virtue to live by.
  • That I’m am in no rush to become successful just to prove my worth and greatness to others.. why? I am constantly finding a deep sense of inner peace and contentmeny in enjoying the process and focusing on the present. The destination will unfold itself over time but there is joy in the journey.
  • That almost everything is figureoutable
  • That your heroes and icons are mere mortals too and in fact you may have a leg up on many of them in many areas.
  • Be your own hero, live up to your fullest potential possible in alignment with your core values & by doing this you will be widely successful and inspiring to many.
  • That you shouldn’t chase money directly. Chase adding disproportionate value to society. Chase excellence in your journey, money will follow you.