My next company mottos:

When I create my future companies, these are the eternal axioms I want to build upon:

  • We are very intentional about our customer selection and we serve only those who match our business philosophy
  • Our ideal clients are:
    • long-term players (decades) vs shortcut seekers (days), obsessed about the journey vs outcomes alone, care about producing excellent work vs mediocre junk
    • For the rest, we simply say: NO THANK YOU!
  • We want to be Earth’s most customer-centric company like Amazon
  • With our work, we strive to put something that’s authentic, soulful and helpful to the world. Quite simply, we don’t ship junk.
  • We don’t care about being the biggest business in our market but the most admired and beloved.
  • We don’t sell ANYTHING we don’t deeply believe in and wouldn’t recommend for our own family or friends
  • We build in public and include the community in key inflection points of our journey
  • We are ambitious and bold, creating and caring.
  • We move fast and iterate fearlessly. We are long-term patient, short term impatient.
  • We aspire to be the Mecca of failure. We worship trying and failing vs sitting on the sidelines. We look for lessons in failure, we embrace it, we embody it and thus and we transcend it
  • We don’t micro manage. We believe trust is the highest virtue. We trust our clients, partners, contractors and employees by default. We’d rather allow them to surprise us with short-term or selfish behavior than create a culture of mistrust.
  • Work is not a drag for us, it is “meaningful play”. Our office is what a park is to a child or a canvas for an artist. We are maniacal, obsessed and love what we do.