Unflinching belief

Saturday, Jan 27, 2024

Based on my recent job hunt experience, here’s a few learnings I’ve had:

If you want something, you have to FOCUS on it. You can’t just expect it to show up. You have to intentionally make your choice to the Universe and ask specifically and explicitly what you want.

In the past, I would wish for things very casually at the tip of my tongue. There was no depth and feeling behind the “ask”. This was done mostly as a preventive measure so I didn’t get my hopes up too much and thus could avoid the pain of disappointment when my wish doesn’t get fulfilled. This thinking is logical but actually quite ineffective.

You have to go deep and find what you want exactly. I call this “sacred intention”.

Make sure you want this with every bone in your body. Don’t adopt half-ass desires. Do some soul searching and find what you TRULY desire. You have to be in a high-frequency energy / mindset when you declare this “sacred intention” into the Universe.

Another key point about intention/desire is that you HAVE to ask using the words that focus on “what you want to happen” .. not what you want to avoid. For ex: If you want a great job, you can’t ask for “My intention is to avoid unemployment and this financial struggle”. It has to be something on the lines of “My intention is to attract an energizing and fulfilling job where I can use my strengths and become financially abundant”

The second stage of the journey is the most important state. You have to believe that you will attract the outcome you want. You can’t let your limiting beliefs and doubts get in the way no matter how rational they seem. You can’t focus on failure scenarios or calculate your odds daily. You have to take a leap of faith. You just have to trust and believe.

Talking about odds, I love this quote from Ben Horowitz:

"When you are building a company, you must believe there is an answer and you cannot pay attention to your odds of finding it. You just have to find it. It matters not whether your chances are nine in ten or one in a thousand; your task is the same."

This is the hardest part for high-achievers because we are smart, intelligent and rational thinkers. We tend to be more like Spock vs Captain Kirk from the Star Trek world,

But reality is more malleable and surprising than you can possibly image. We as humans are beings of diving energy. We are embedded with more magic in our gut than logic in our brains. That’s why the cliche of “Trust your gut, I t’s the best compass.” is so true.

This belief will be tested vigorously until you get your result all the way until the last minute. I call this state of focusing solely on the possibility as having an “unflinching belief”.

The last stage is being open and ready. Often, just as we are about to hear some good news related to our sacred intention, we tend to get cold feet and we start panicking. This leads to us verbalizing so many negative thoughts and getting flustered. Again, the focus is shifting towards “what we want to avoid” or “what might not happen”. This is counter-productive.

You have to stay strong and keep vocalizing how ready you are. It also helps to visualize step by step exactly how you’d react when you get the outcome you want. Who would you call first? What lunch will you eat that day? How much awe would you feel for the news? Staying focussed on the end state of your intention is a great hack because it primes your mind to expect great things.

In most cases (in almost all cases for me), this is all it takes for you to win.

It is not a matter of whether I deserve something or not (my brain likes to throw these curveballs) or whether I am worthy/qualified etc. The world is NOT a meritocracy unfortunately. It is a “beliefocracy”. Whoever wants the outcome the most and is willing to go the extra mile will tend to get what they want.

Now what about the pain of disappointment in case you don’t get the win? That’s ok. You will get past it soon. But that is inescapable as it is the price of expecting great things. You just have to handle that sting. You must remember you’d rather suffer with an acute sting for a few days vs a life long regret of not wishing for big things to happen for you.

In summary, these are my key take-aways I plan to carry forward into everything I do in the future. Whatever the sacred intention may be, whether it is financial freedom, buying a beautiful home, raising kids with love, or building a global world-class company, the formula is the same as was discussed in the book “Secret”.

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