Here’s all the ways I can work with you to help your business or you personally as a founder


Join my private builder community at Day One to build your MVP with confidence

The Build Track is a 6-week program for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to become confident builders capable of leveraging simple tools to build products and businesses quickly and cheaply.


1. Short Form Consulting

What is it?

Book me for paid micro-consulting, 15 min increments of actionable advice video calls, facilitated by the Intro.co platform (each session is 15 to 60 minutes max)

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2. Long Form Consulting

What is it?

a business strategy session for 30min to 60 min multiple times each month

Where can I learn more?


What is it?

a personalized 1:1 private coaching with founders/business professionals

Where can I learn more?


  • DM me if you want me to be an advisor to your startup
  • Currently, I advice a couple Y Combinator and On Deck startups like Virtually.
  • Occasionally, I write small checks as an angel investor and make intros to syndicates or other funds as a Scout


I write small checks as an angel investor in promising tech startups. (Especially where I have a prior strong relationship with the founders)

Below are a few startups from my portfolio:

Note: I have paused my investments in 2022.


  • Minimum Viable Podcast Playbook, get it here