Marketing and GTM

One of my core offerings is:

Go-to-market strategic planning and launch support

3) Scope: Advice and support with strategy and planning of your GTM activities, review and feedback on marketing materials, ad campaigns and launch content.

2) Timeline: Usually 3-6 months

3) Meeting cadence: Would you prefer weekly 1:1s for better accountability and progress reviews (1 or 2 hours each week) or once in 2 weeks (1 or 2 hours)?

Btw, apart from the meetings, all my projects include on-call support if anything urgent comes up or you need my feedback on a material etc.

If interested, DM me on Twitter or email me at trulykp@gmail.com

Testimonials from founders:

“KP is a TOP mentor! He is a master in understanding the challenge super-fast and bring a sharp new light to the table. He always manages to go beyond strategy and helps also in planning the execution. He over delivered… again!” - Miguel

“KP was extremely knowledgeable on startups and very helpful in advancing our thinking on various key aspects - I’d definitely recommend him, well worth it!!” - Nathan

“KP is awesome! Very smart, attentive, and attuned to what I was looking for (and to what I didn’t even know I needed to know).” - Eli