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Interested to collaborate with me on your Product Hunt launch campaign?

Hey, I'm KP.  I'm a Top Hunter on Product Hunt.

What do I do?

I help pre-seed and seed stage startups with growth tactics and go-to-market (GTM) execution including successful PH launches.

I've [hunted] helped over 92 startups and businesses launch their products on Product Hunt successfully. Many of them ended up becoming Product #1 Of The Day, Week and one of them even became Product Of The Year.

More than these badges, I am proud of being able to facilitate millions of dollars in total customer acquisition revenue through these launches and helping new startups get their well-deserved exposure. Startups I served include:

  • Softr (Won #1 Product Of The Year)
  • Meander (Won #1 Product Of The Day, Week)
  • Studio AI (Won #1 Product Of The Day, Week)
  • Outverse (Won #1 Product Of The Day, Week)
  • Glide (Won #2 Product Of The Day, Week)

For my overall contributions, I was awarded Product Hunt's Community Member Of The Year Golden Kitty. 

Here's my PH profile with ~9,000 organic followers on the platform.

Outside of hunting, I help startups by promoting the launch and the product across my audience of 60,000 PH-centric founders and tech professionals globally. I do this authentically by writing about your product, doing interviews and newsletter features along with social media shoutouts (on X and Linkedin).

Interested to collaborate with me?

I see so many pre-seed to seed stage startups (even with big budgets) make easily avoidable rookie mistakes and flunk their GTM strategy in general (and PH launch in specific). I published a free cheat sheet and did a digital course on this sharing some tips and best practices.

Anyway, I can help YOU avoid all these mistakes with personalized consulting to nail your PH launch with ease and confidence...leveraging my experience with 92 previous hunts across 5 years.

I get about 1000 pitches a year from startups small and big and I only with a handful of them each month. Partly to protect my bandwidth and reputation.  

Would love to support you if there's a fit.

Fill out the form below and share some details on your project and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks in advance!