My Career Update

Two huge announcements today. First shared this post on X.

1/ I'm winding down BIPF operations by end of Dec 2023 2/ After my founder journey, I'm entering the job market for a full-time position Full scoop below ⤵️

First, some background:

I launched BIPF in Jan 2023 as a bootstrapped cohort-based business to help founders become prolific at building in public. Hustled to run 5 cohorts w/ 55 paid customers and crossed $100k in revenue.

NPS was 83 and people loved it. (see images)

Despite strong word of mouth, the unit economics was fragile.

The biz was ops heavy (6 weeks intensive sessions) and unscalable (every live session involved me)

5 cohorts later, it kept feeling like an uphill push.


After a lot of new formats and experiments this year, I've learned BIPF is way farther than I thought from PMF (product market fit).

I've come to the (painful) conclusion that it is not financially wise to go into 2024 this way collecting credit card debt.

Cohort-based businesses are very tricky beasts.

Apart from impractical unit economics, I also didn’t feel a strong sense of conviction in the underlying business model.

Here’s more on that: https://thisiskp.com/blog/update-on-bipf

So, instead of dragging my feet for another year, and considering that I have a family to support, I decided to simply swallow the harsh pill and sun set the operations. Shared this news w/ our fellows yesterday.

BIPF community will stay intact just as a closed private group.

What's next for me?

After a year of dabbling with entrepreneurship, I'm returning to the job market.

Seeking a full-time role as a barrel in a right team w/ an inspiring mission

What's a barrel? Keith Rabois put it perfectly here

If you know me, you know that this is 100% me


🦇 Here's the bat signal 🦇

For my next move, I'm looking to join a mission-driven Series A+ startup or a VC Fund in a full-time role (remote or based out of Atlanta)

  • Ideally that serves entrepreneurs or businesses

Why? My personal mission = helping founders win

  • Interested markets include AI, creator economy, future of work, no-code, productivity tools etc.
  • Interested roles include leadership roles in content, marketing, education, community, special projects etc.

Here's a handy 1-pager that has:

✅ A quick blurb

✅ My bio

✅ My proof of work

✅ Co-signs

✅ Core strengths


How can you help?

3 ways: → If you're hiring and this resonated w/ you, DM me or email me at trulykp@gmail.com → or please share this post within your network and check if anyone wants to chat w/ me → or please RT/QRT this thread so we get it in front of more people

Finally, thank you so much

So many of you were part of my journey from 2018 and I am so grateful for the community support that I've always received at every major turn of my career

Here's to finding a great next role soon!