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This is an opportunity/offer for businesses to promote their latest launches/product offerings in the form of a sponsored ad (”paid ads”) in my newsletter that caters to 7100+ ambitious tech founders, Silicon Valley startup execs, coaches and Twitter content creators.

My readers are typically decision makers and high-profile leaders across startups and tech companies like On Deck, Day One, Webflow, Product Hunt, Vayner Media, Slack, Substack etc.

Who am I? Here’s a bit about me.

Here’s a link to my newsletter: https://kp.substack.com/

Previous sponsors of the newsletter include:

Note: I still personally evaluate the requests and only work with brands/companies I can co-sign on.



  • Email stats:
    • roughly 7,000 readers (varies each week as people subscribe/unsub)
    • ~4k-5k (varies from 35-40%) (see images above)
    • 4-6% click rate (depends on your ad and its relevance)


FEATURED AD SLOT: [only 1 per edition]

  • Your ad is placed at the beginning of the edition and will stay on forever at https://kp.substack.com/ (see example below)
  • You get up to 100 words ad copy space and a CTA link
  • You will also get my personal RT/share to my 40,000 Twitter followers
  • The latest price is $500
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  • Bought it? Submit your ad copy here.

CLASSIFIED AD SLOT: [up to 3 ads per edition]

  • Your ad will be placed at the bottom of the edition as a bullet point in the “Shoutouts and Sponsors” section along with other classified ads and will stay on forever at https://kp.substack.com/ (see an example below)
  • You get up to 10 words of ad copy space and a CTA link
  • The initial price was $150/slot (sold out!)
  • The latest price is $200 (the price is updated each week)
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What people are saying about the newsletter:

KP’s Substack is not only practically useful for anyone who’s building but is also really sincere and has 0 BS. Highly recommend subscribing if you haven’t already. — Artem Harutyunyan, co-founder of Bardeen.AI
“This newsletter is jam-packed with practical tips, thoughtful insights and philosophical takeaways too” — Gaia Ines Fasso
“Was blown away by how smart and generous KP is” — Marko Schmitt
“Shout out to @thisiskp_ for tactical tips and tangible action steps! Highly recommend signing up for his newsletter” — Emmett Armstrong

Other Notes about the ads


Please reach out to trulykp@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter at @thisiskp_

Thank you!