What happens during an ‘Intro’ Call?

My Intro on Intro

I help early stage founders (especially first-time founders) with growth & marketing challenges.

I’m one of the strongest evangelists of the “building in public” movement that is helping founders attract early customers & investors by sharing their journey online as it unfolds.

Helped over 500 founders globally take a shot on their dreams and kickstart businesses through education programs and community resulting in $1.25m in revenue. Previously led high-profile positions as a director at startups like On Deck (funded by Founders Fund) and Day One (funded by Gary Vee).

Built my audience from 414 people to over 37,000 followers on Twitter & 7,000 on my newsletter which opened up many doors for my career.

Interviewed world-class entrepreneurs like Gary Vee & Alexis Ohanian Sr on my show: Build In Public podcast. Also a writer, angel investor, and growth advisor for startups from On Deck and Y Combinator.

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Things I can advise on:
- Things I can advise on: 
- landing early customers 
- startup growth frameworks 
- building in public 
- building engaging communities 
- growing an audience on Twitter

What previous clients have said:

Fountain of knowledge! Provided so much value in just 15 mins! Wow! Thank you! — Noel

KP is excellent and pragmatic on product building! He really believes that business is a positive sum game. — Chris

KP was fantastic. He quickly grasped where I could build an audience without being dependant on others. Super engaging, active listener, generous with advice. 30 mins so well spent! — Ana

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More details here: https://intro.co/kp