Product Launch Insider Strategy

Hey, Iโ€™m KP. I love products way too much and naturally a big fan of Product Hunt.

Prior Experience:

Iโ€™m a top hunter on Product Hunt with over 11,000+ followers and 70 products hunted so far

  • Won the Golden Kitty for Best Community Member of the year 2021! ๐Ÿ†ย 
  • Hunted ~20 products since 2021, 8 of them ended up listing within the top 3 spots of day on Product Hunt [KP's PH Profile]

๐ŸKPโ€™s Top Hunts

Note: Typically, I hunt/help new and unproven products and tools go-to-market for free via Product Hunt launches. I don't charge any fee if I am just asked to hunt.

However, often times, businesses with high-stakes public launches want me to consult/guide/coach them on their GTM strategy

This is a private session for businesses who want specific guidance from me regarding their Product Hunt launch and how to maximize your chances of reach/distribution.

Previous clients include:

What previous clients have said:

โ€œKP has been exceptional at helping us with our high-stakes public launch on Product Hunt. Honestly, it was so amazing to have his strategic support and we're so, so appreciative. He really helped amplify the magic on our big launch day!โ€ โ€” Kyran
โ€œThank you for this and the support man. I'm grateful for you, the time you've spent, and the guidance you provided. You're the best.โ€ โ€” Rehan
Thank you for the hunt and kind words @thisiskp_! Your following got us cool organic engagement on the post :) - Phanindra Sama

What you get out this:

  • A deep understanding of how PH launches work
  • An audit of your existing launch assets and a customized plan for your launch based on your specific needs
  • Recommendations on ideal time, date etc
  • My personal 1-pager Product Hunt Swipe File
  • Battle-tested tips, lessons and insights on maximizing your launch momentum
  • Twitter strategy
  • Extra help from me for your promotions across my 45,000 social audience
  • All and any of your questions answered

What you won't get out of this:

  • A 100% guarantee to be featured on the top spot on PH (it depends on so many factors)
  • A way to game or hack the PH system to gain more upvotes or comments (no silver bullets!)
  • Getting me to hunt your product (this part is not part of the paid package, I will do it for free anyway as I get to know your product more)

Interested to hire me?

DM me on Twitter or email me at trulykp@gmail.com

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