Fractional Consulting

Every once in a while, I work with a handful (2-3) of startups at a time as a fractional VP of growth & community directly reporting to and aligned with CEO’s key goals for the company.

Startups hire me to help with accelerating their customer acquisition & conversion.

I’m open to short term (2-3 months) and long-term contracts (6-12months).

Ideal fit

You’re the founder/CEO of a startup that:

  • Has raised at least $2m in funding
  • Has at least 10 paying customers
  • Is looking for a sounding board/sparring partner with a growth & community background
  • Serves customers who are in the following niches:
    • no-code
    • community building
    • newsletter writers/ content creators/podcasters
    • founders and entrepreneurs

Here’s how I can help you

  • Build a content-led, community-led growth marketing machine
  • GTM via organic content (go-to-market strategies, crushing it on Product Hunt, Twitter & newsletters)
  • To be a partner who is 100% focused on growth including acquisition, conversion/activation, retention, and upsells

Outcomes/ Results I can deliver

I partner with founders and achieve the below high-stakes objectives through strategic guidance and playbooks:

  • Build a company wide plan to align marketing, community and sales efforts
  • Design a powerful flywheel that spans across content, community and marketing to help you acquire customers faster and turn them into loyal champions
  • Get clarity on the right community strategy to help position your startup as a leader in your niche
  • Get clarity and guidance on how to build not a “yet another Slack group” but a world-class community that brings newer customers, partners and future employees etc.
  • Get clarity and guidance on how best to prepare and crush your Product Hunt launch
  • Get clarify and guidance on how best to build hype and buzz via a Twitter strategy
  • Leveraging my proven-playbook on how to generate revenue through sponsoring relevant and high ROI niche newsletters
  • Strategic guidance on how to build word-of-mouth within your community and use that to drive new sales
  • Tips on how to design & run a community event schedule that doesn’t drain your team’s bandwidth
  • Eventually help with hiring a full time VP Growth from my network of curated growth & community experts

How do I help

STEP 1: Audit/discovery session
  • Learning your current status quo (what activities are being done across content, community and growth) through a series of guided questions from me
  • Understanding how much operational bandwidth you have and which team members will be involved in the process
  • Understanding your needs, goals and priorities for the near and long term
STEP 2: Designing a personalized strategy
  • Using the inputs from Step 1 and the founder’s feedback, I will recommend the appropriate, relevant and actionable strategy that’s right for your unique situation
  • Identifying and assigning the roles and resources
  • Offering relevant playbooks and resources as needed
STEP 3: Continued guidance and support
  • Tracking weekly progress
  • Unblocking the team with any challenges
  • Iterating and pivoting as needed
  • Recap and retrospective once we surpass the goals we set

Here’s a typical project

For ex: I brainstormed and launched a community initiative for Day One called The Founder's Hotline. It was a talk show on the Internet that addressed founder burnout, cofounder conflicts and fundraising challenges that many 1st time founders face. We bought a 1-888 number and hosted sessions for anonymous callers every week. We did a season 1 with 15 special guests including Sahil Lavingia and Gary Vee. It drove a ton of engagement to the brand (we did a PH launch too) that ultimately got us 1200 leads and $25k in sales in 2 months.

Note: My contract is typically 2-3 months and is linked to outcomes versus hours.

Here’s a glimpse into my track record & proof-of-work

  • Launched On Deck No-Code Fellowship that had over 500 fellows (paid customers) and made over $1m in revenue with the highest Net Promoter Score across all programs (84) twice.
  • Built a partnership flywheel for ODNC which became a $250k portfolio of 8+ partners in the ecosystem like Bubble, Softr, Coda etc.
  • Launched an Internet talk show “The Founder Hotline” that featured elite guests like Gary Vee and generated $25k in sales for the educational bootcamps at Day One
  • Created a 2,000+ member community of no-coders and tech builders called Cuppa that was featured in New Yorker, Wired etc.
  • Helped over 60 products launch on Product Hunt and won “Community Member of the Year” award for 2021
  • Built a Twitter audience of ~40,000 and ~10,000 on Product Hunt
  • Created a podcast with world-class guests like Gary Vee, Alexis Ohanian, Kat Cole etc.
  • Built a profitable newsletter that grew to 7k subscribers and $6k in revenue within 2 months

What previous clients have said

I’ve previously advised early stage founders from YC and On Deck backed startups like Virtually, Hera, Softr, Outverse and Airboxr. Additionally, I’ve built several high NPS and profitable communities.

“KP has been exceptional at helping us with our high-stakes public launch on Product Hunt. Honestly, it was so amazing to have his strategic support and we're so, so appreciative. He really helped amplify the magic on our big launch day!” — Kyran Schmidt, Outverse and Seedcamp
“Thank you for this and the support man. I'm grateful for you, the time you've spent, and the guidance you provided. You're the best.” — Rehan
“You are the beacon of real authentic value to a community… in the form of content, community building, thought leadership, and uplifting of others.” - Vriti


As a client, you get access to my expertise, playbooks, templates, processes and my world-class network of ambitious founders, investors and community builders in tech.

Bonus: Here’s a free sample of a playbook from building On Deck No-Code Fellowship (ODNC): https://typefully.com/thisiskp_/how-do-you-build-a-world-class-community-1DGFAaQ

Reach out

Email me at trulykp@gmail.com or DM me for a free 20 min introductory consult session.