1:1 Personalized Coaching

Note: This is a bi-weekly coaching and check-in program with KP hosted via private Zoom (that can be recorded if you wish to)

KP is a proven world-class expert who can offer detailed guidance, strategic direction and tactical advice to startup founders on:

  • public product launch campaigns
    • how to decide which networks/channels to launch on
    • how to seek and get high-quality feedback
    • how to drum up excitement about your launch
    • how to get people to share your product launch with others
  • maximizing the buzz around an upcoming Product Hunt launch
    • how to prep for a strong PH launch
    • how to rally your existing network of investors, employees and community of users to help you get maximum upvotes/comments
    • how to measure PH success (what tools to use etc)
  • exploring and identifying high ROI growth channels for customer acquisition
    • how to experiment with multiple channels to discover your best performing avenue
  • establishing radically powerful but sustainable “build in public” content flywheels that helps growth
    • how to decide which platform/tool stack for your build in public journey
    • how to quickly find your voice that is authentic and valuable to your niche
    • how to be consistent with your content
    • how to generate ideas on what to write/post about
    • how to measure progress, track success etc
  • establishing a community program that builds a cult-like community of loyal audience

Interested to hire me?

DM me on Twitter or email me at trulykp@gmail.com

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