Niche Newsletters for founders

An underrated distribution strategy for startups:

Reach new customers by sponsoring relevant niche newsletters

In my experience, it's better than ad spend on Google or FB ads

Here are 12 newsletters you must check out based on your niche ⤵️

  • No-code Shots by Kavir
  • No-code Exits by Katt Risen
  • Startups. Fyi by Jaisal Rathee
  • Ben’s bites by Ben Tossell
  • Starter story by Pat Walls
  • Brain Pint by Janel
  • For The Interested by Josh Spector
  • The Saturday Solopreneur by Justin Welsh
  • CPGD .xyz
  • The No-Code Entrepreneur by Easlo
  • Lenny’s newsletter
  • Not Boring by Packy
  • KP’s Column