Product Hunt Masterclass

As many of you know, I'm one of the Top 1% Hunters on Product Hunt that advised and orchestrated 90+ successful launches for Silicon Valley and bootstrapped startups globally.

I was Product Hunt’s “Community Member of the Year’ for 2021.

Here's my PH profile.

I was part of world-class launches including Softr, Coda, Outverse, Glide, Rows, On Deck, and more. Many of these clinched the Product Of The Day and Product Of The Week spots (and a few were Golden Kitty Winners). But more than badges and awards, they accrued insane traction like Softr garnering 5,710 visitors and 610 user sign ups in 24 hours.

I recently decided to distill all of my 5 years+ learnings and insights into a simple but actionable online course. That became "Product Hunt Masterclass."

This is the ultimate guide to help startup founders and teams execute their Product Hunt launches with clarity and confidence.

Want a free sample of the course? Here it is ⤵️


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