Product Launch Offerings

Product Launch Offerings

I’m a top Hunter on Product Hunt and a community builder. I helped 90 startups launch on Product Hunt, get new customers, win awards and create buzz for their products.

I’m also a founder and CEO of two businesses (BIPF and LeaderBird) so lately, I’ve decided to allocate my bandwidth to only a few hand-picked launches each month.

My Product Hunt track record:

  • Hunter for 90 launches
  • One of the top hunters with 10,00 followers on Product Hunt
  • 2021’s Community Member of the year Golden Kitty recipient (awarded by Product Hunt)
  • Helped top tier no-code, productivity and community startups go to market on Product Hunt several times, including Softr, Glide, Rows, Coda, On Deck etc.

What Clients Say:

“KP has been exceptional at helping us with our high-stakes public launch on Product Hunt. Honestly, it was so amazing to have his strategic support and we're so, so appreciative. He really helped amplify the magic on our big launch day!” — Kyran (#1 Product Of The Day, #1 Product Of The Week)
“We chose KP as our hunter not only because of his excellent track record on PH, but also because we felt that he was genuinely interested in our product. Before our launch, we asked him many questions and received valuable advice that helped us to achieve a successful launch. After the launch, KP helped us to reach a wider audience through his Twitter and newsletter, which allowed us to showcase our product to people who may not have discovered it otherwise. As a result of our collaboration, we were able to become #1 product of the week. Overall, our experience with KP was extremely satisfying and we highly recommend working with him.” — Jack, Studio AI (#1 Product Of The Day and the Week)
“Thank you for your help - without you we wouldn't have taken #2 product of the day! So we are very happy we selected you as a product hunter. You did all your best for us and helped as you could, with lots of posts, newsletter, and etc. You are very responsible as a hunter and always answered all tons of my questions.” — Sasha, Founder, Dokably (#2 Product Of The Day)
“We picked KP as our hunter because he knew all the ins and outs of Product Hunt and also showed genuine interest in our product (and it's important to have a true ambassador on your side!). Thanks to him, we got to the top shortly after the launch, and that allowed us to have a strong position throughout the day. During the entire journey, KP was extremely supportive and gave us some killer recommendations to make our launch shine. Even after the launch, he stuck around, giving us more guidance when we got nominated for product of the week. Working with KP was an absolute blast!" — Anna Buldakova, CEO of Meander, #1 Product Of The Day, #1 Product Of The Week
"We are absolutely thrilled to have had the privilege of collaborating with KP for our recent Product Hunt campaign for Lyro AI. From the early start KP shared an interest and enthusiasm for our product that set him apart from the rest. Throughout the entire campaign, KP consistently delivered beyond our expectations. His fast responses and constant support transformed what could have been a nerve-wracking and chaotic launch into a well planned and executed campaign. Working with KP was an absolute pleasure, and we are immensely grateful for his contributions to our campaign. We would recommend KP to anyone seeking a dedicated, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate collaborator for their projects.” — Juste Balsyte, Senior Partnerships Manager at

Pricing Tiers:

Note:  I don’t charge any fee for simply hunting your product. If I love your product, I will agree to hunt which takes 10 min. The below offerings cover scenarios where you want to use my consulting, promotional and distribution channels (through sponsoring my newsletter/Twitter).

Consulting and Sponsorships (Tier 1)

What you get:

✅ Your product is hunted by me (we can schedule up to 30 days in advance)

✅ My personal endorsement and Hunter comment on your PH launch page (after checking out the product) where I’ll highlight/pitch benefits that stand out to me in my authentic voice

✅ Async support and editorial review of your assets and content and emails

  • Outbound email targeting investors & founders in your network
  • Outbound email targeting to your waitlist or current user base
  • Pre-launch social media posts (using Product Hunt’s Coming Soon teaser page)
  • Launch day social media posts

✅ Up to 3 meetings for 1:1 guidance — you can leverage this time to get me to share my lessons/tips, ask any questions and do a live review of PH copy, assets etc. (worth $800)

✅ 1 pre-launch tweet to my ~49k followers + 1 pre-launch post on LinkedIn (Coming Soon teaser page) (worth $1000)

✅ 1 Launch day promo tweet to my ~49k Twitter followers + 1 Launch day promo post to my 1.5k LinkedIn followers (worth $1000)

✅ 1 Launch day promo post via a special newsletter feature written by me to my ~7,000 PH-centric subscribers (worth $1500)

✅ Repositories & Swipe Files: (worth $300)

  • Repository of copy, asset examples from previous clients
  • Repository of Maker comment templates and styles for inspiration
  • Repository of outbound email templates and styles for inspiration
  • Repository of pre-launch and launch day social media post templates and styles for inspiration

Total price: $4,600 $3000

Ideal for:

  • Pre-seed stage and seed tech startups who have high stakes launches AND want my guidance

Previous clients include:

  • Outverse (#1 Product Of The Day, #1 Product Of The Week)
  • Softr (#1 Product Of The Day, #1 Product Of The Week, #1 Product Of The Year)
  • and many more

Consulting and Sponsorships (Tier 2)

What you get:

✅ Everything in Tier 1 plus unlimited meeting and email/Slack support (worth $1500)

✅ Additional promotional tweets and LinkedIn posts (up to 5) several times during the day to build and sustain momentum (worth $1500)

Total price: $7,600 $5000

Ideal for:

  • Series A tech startups who have high stakes launches and want me call on the Launch Day (via Slack or Zoom etc)

Previous clients include:

Terms & Conditions

Setting the right expectations from the beginning

  • Our goal is to maximize visibility and awareness for your launch in creative and proven ways.
  • Generally, with a strong Hunter and great preparation, you will land on the home page. You have a strong chance of being in top 5 or 10. But just be aware that no one can guarantee the final place. The PH community, algorithm and the support staff eventually decide the top 3 spots.
  • 100% refund and money-back guarantee if our collaboration doesn’t feel like a good fit anytime in the process
  • Strictly no to spamming Product Hunt on the day of your launch through fake users or buying upvotes (unfortunately there are some offshore agencies pitching founders these options and PH is very active on pulling the launches if they notice any sketchy behavior!)
  • Payment terms are: 50% upfront when we start working, 50% on the Launch Day