My hunting process on Product Hunt

In order to help hunt your offering/product/startup on Product Hunt, I will need you to provide me the following information as early as possible (ideally before 3 days).

That way I can review and offer my customized feedback/insights (if you wish/ need).

Once we pass that stage, I can directly schedule your post on PH and mention the date/time per your choosing (we can choose upto 6 days in advance as that’s the limit per PH)

Deliverables I’ll need from you:

Deliverables you’ll get from me:

  • URL to the scheduled post (PH allows us to create and share a draft link before it goes live)
    1. Looks like this
    2. Note: Once scheduled, you as the maker can still EDIT anything you want until the launch moment as long as you login via your PH account
  • Hunter comment written by me in my voice about why specifically people should check out your product

Required Copy/Text:

Launch Date/time

Day, Month, Year

Time: Preferred slot: 12:01AM PT (according to Product Hunt)

Name of the product [40 char max]

Ex: Softr

Tagline [60 chars max]:

See example below:

Build web apps & portals from Airtable, no code required


Product’s Twitter Account:


For this section, I’ll need a max of 3 topics/categories that are relevant to your launch

See example below

Productivity, Developer Tools, Prototyping, SaaS

Description (260 chars):

For this section, I’ll need copy/text description about your product

See examples below:

Softr is the easiest and fastest way to build powerful web apps and portals from Airtable, in minutes. No code required.

With Softr, you can build client portals, internal tools, marketplaces, online communities, resource directories and websites.

Video: [optional]

For this section, I’ll need direct link to an intro/demo video


For this section, I’ll need direct links to the makers’ profiles on Product Hunt

Pricing & Promo Code:

For this section, I’ll need pricing info and any promo codes for this launch:

See example below:

First Comment:

KP will write this 1st comment as the hunter


Required Assets

1. Logo/Thumbnail:

Please include a GIF or JPEG of the logo you want to be inserted as the main thumbnail in Google Drive folder. And title it as → Ex: Logo.gif

  • Logo: Recommended size: 240x240 | JPG, PNG, GIF (Max size: 2MB)

2. Images for Gallery:

(a link to a Google Drive folder with proper numbering for images)

Ex: Image 1, Image 2, etc.

  • Dimensions should be: 1270x760px or higher