KP’s 2023 Annual Review

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” — Bill Gates


What are top 5 highlights this year?

  • Was full-time founder CEO much of this year. Launched BIPF and BIPPF and ran 5 cohorts serving 55 founders across the two programs
  • Sunset BIPF as I couldn’t find PMF (full story here)
  • Crossed $100k in revenue across all projects
  • Launched and sunset 2 SaaS projects: Sponsorsoup and LeaderBird
  • Shipped 38 podcast episodes, 48 newsletter editions. Grew my X to 49,000 from 40,000. Grew my podcast to 17,800 plays from 8200 downloads.

What energized me this year?

  • Activities that involved me advising and guiding founders REALLY energized me (this happened through 1:1s at BIPF, Office Hours at ATV)
  • Activities that involved teaching or presenting slides in live sessions (w/ interactive Q and A) with founders (did this for nearly 100 sessions at BIPF, talks at UGA biz school, ATV and guest workshops at other communities)
  • Building an amazing high-trust team at BIPF that energized me and aligned with my vision and leadership style
  • Being very intentional about picking the right kind of customers to serve vs accepting anyone into BIPF or any other projects I did
  • Getting to interview some really remarkable people on my podcast and using that as a platform to explore my genuine curiosity
  • Being open about my founder journey and seeking advice from other founders who I trust and respect
  • Getting to collab with Neil Thanedar on Utopic as a Venture Partner
  • New high-trust high energy friendships that spurred from BIPF (like Andrew Tsao etc)

Two specific podcast appearances of mine that energized me:

What sucked my energy this year?

  • Operational work at BIPF like sending event invites and update emails to founders (luckily I found Maryam who helped me with this)
  • Financial reviews and tax planning (luckily I hired outside experts who’ve been helpful here too)
  • Trying to ship BIP OS course. I had a wrong mindset from the start and kept getting side tracked and never stood the chance to finish it. So I abandoned it as it got to be super painful towards the end. I learned from this experience and that helped shape my next course (PH Masterclass, see below)

What am I proud of this year?

  • Shipping this high-quality Product Hunt Masterclass course. I am very proud of this given how I struggled to finish a course earlier this year but for this one I maintained a steady focus and cultivated the skill of taking one step at a time.
  • Shipping this high-quality lead magnet for BIPF
  • Helping 32 hunts on Product Hunt this year (many of them landing the top spot of the day)
  • High NPS scores of BIPF cohorts and the wonderful community that has formed over there which will pay intangible dividends in the long run.
  • Super proud of 2 SaaS experiments I ran despite the unfortunate results. I learned a ton in the process and can’t wait to get back into the arena in 2024.

Side note: Here are some additional lessons I documented a few weeks earlier: https://thisiskp.com/blog/golden-lessons-i-learned-in-2023

What am I most thankful for this year?

What was my output in 2023?

Creatively and professionally, 2023 was a signature year in terms of my output. I was insanely productive without feeling burned out. I have finally mastered the balance of being present with my family while working in bursts and leveraging my small team to augment my productivity where needed.

Here’s all that I shipped in 2023:

Here’s some of my favorite outcomes from the work above:

  • Grew my X account from 40,000 → 49,000
  • Grew Linkedin to 1750 followers
  • Grew Youtube to 588 subscribers
  • Grew podcast downloads to 17,800


What are my favorite memories this year?

  • Trip to India where Neil got to physically his grandma (my mom) and his great grandma (my grandma) for the first time
  • Trip to Panama City Beach with my wife and son
  • Trip to Smoky Mountains with my wife, son and in-laws etc
  • Note: In my annual review last year, I shared an intention to have:
  • “Have a brilliant year with family time, fun memories, plenty of opportunities to feel loved and offer love to others and grow as a human”
  • This manifested 100% in 2023 and I’m so grateful for that ❤️

What are some of the roughest memories?

  • Losing our baby due to miscarriage
  • Having to part ways with some friends who aren’t energy matches for me anymore
  • Having to wind down BIPF (which I loved) but was impractical financially
  • Having to quit BIP OS (my online course) which became too painful to finish

What are some new personal growth skills I cultivated?

  • Learning to trust my gut and energy compass better while making decisions (ex: hiring, firing, client decisions etc)
  • Ability to bounce back after a setback within 2-3 days as opposed to weeks or months (ex: in the past, a decision like shutting down BIPF would have crushed me but I got back up in 3 days)
  • Ability to ask and seek advice without shame or ego (talking to my wife, calling my sister during crucial business decisions etc)
  • Appreciating my loved ones and respecting them even more (this year I truly valued them and showed my gratitude clearly and frequently)
  • Over indexing on love and joy vs fear and doubt (got to practice this a lot thru daily affirmations and journaling)


What are the top books/podcasts that inspired me?

Who are those who inspired me a lot this year?

  • Alex Hormozi through his lessons on sales, leads and offers
  • David Senra through his obsession on his craft of reading biographies and podcasting
  • Charlie Munger through his wisdom and life lessons (which I learned via many podcasts and books)
  • Danny Miranda whose friendship I cherish and who I believe radiates the most authentic and happy energy

and many more that I can’t remember now


What are my top focus areas of 2024?

  • Be financially thriving, eliminate all my debt (currently have about $50k) and add $20,000 in savings
    • Finish finding a great new full-time role at a startup to maintain cash flow and financial stability
    • Found a SaaS startup (on the side) and grow it to $2k MRR by Dec 2024, try as many as 12 startup ideas in 2024 until the right one takes off
  • Be in the fittest shape of my life by Dec 2024, workout 300 times in the year (at least 25 times a month)
  • Become an even more of a learning machine (through books and podcasts)
  • Start a Mastermind group for other ambitious + kind founders who want accountability, support and feedback
  • Spend just as much as in 2023 or more time with my wonderful wife and son and even my mom and sister
  • Be an even bigger teacher in 2024 (publish more videos on Youtube to teach, more podcast solo episodes, more workshops to share your knowledge, more tweets on insights etc)
  • Be an even bigger giver in 2024 (send great books as gifts for others, help those in need for money, volunteer to help founders like this, write small donations to charity etc)

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