4 miracles of my life

Anxiety is a tricky manipulator.

It hijacks our mind into obsessing over trivial setbacks that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Anxiety’s first victim is perspective. When you are feeling stuck or anxious or hopeless, it can be easy to overlook your actual assets and blessings.

That’s when I hope you’ll read this little note.

When you pause and zoom out, you are gifted with 4 distinct and priceless miracles.

1. Miracle of life

What’s common between Steve Jobs, Charlie Munger, Rockefeller and Gandhi?


They are all eminent visionaries that changed the world (many of them billionaires) who are dead.

Being alive is a miracle we all take for granted.

I’m sure they would love to trade any amount of money to be back alive and spend another year with their families.

Death is the ultimate equalizer. Not being dead is the greatest blessing there is.

2. Miracle of health

The 2nd biggest miracle you have is your functioning health. All organs, cells, tissues doing their work and allowing you to have a high-quality life.

Think about all of the perfectly alive humans who’re stuck in unhealthy circumstances in life and are incredibly unlucky. Those in ICUs, coma units, trauma centers, ambulances and more.

Having perfect health so you could grab a coffee in the morning, eat your favorite meal for lunch and play with your son in the evening is a MIRACLE. Acknowledge that.

3. Miracle of love

The 3rd biggest miracles you have is of love.

The love that’s filled in your heart which promptly surfaces when you see your son, wife, mom, sister and rest of the family. The love that is showered on you every day by all of them through thick and thin of life. They don’t have to love you yet they choose to.

Think of all the miserable people in this world whose hearts are filled with hate or criminal thoughts. Perhaps those who’ve been abandoned or discarded.

A house filled with love is worth 100 billion dollars.

4. Miracle of abundance

The last but not the least miracle I want to address is that of abundance and wealth. You are blessed with plenty of money .. definitely much more than your basic needs. You drive an Audi, use Apple products, drink Starbucks coffee and have a closet filled with your favorite brands. You have enough money to be responsible for your family’s needs and even vacations. You have enough to help others and support those who’re in need.

Think of millions of people who are in insanely difficult financial circumstances working menial jobs just to make ends meet. Just in your own life, think back to the time when your mom’s salary was $20/month when you were 4. Also when your salary at age 23 was $250/mon. You’ve come a really long way since then.

I know you have aspirations to be a multi-millionnaire and perhaps even a billionaire. It will all happen in due time. No need to hurry and feel anxious and forget appreciating your blessings.

There should only be 2 modes of life. 1 is of action. 2nd is of appreciation. Skip anxiety.

By my scorecard, you’ve already won at life.

Everything else is a bonus. Treat it that way.