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  • How to build in public without a six figure marketing budget
  • How to get started building in public even if you hate social media
  • How to build in public when you hate promoting yourself


  • underdog
  • tension
  • raise the stakes…back against the wall
  • overcome their fears/demons
  • helped by mentors/resources
  • slow down the ending
  • finish strong and show change, add a CTA


  • Promote your work (not you)
  • Challenge yourself to be the most other-oriented person you can be
  • Share excitement and wonder like a kid
  • Treat your followers like friends not fans

Note: deliverables

  • BIP Gumroad Masterminds for creators + founders by Thu sep 15
  • Newsletter edition + blog post
  • BIP Swipe File 2.0
  • BIP email bootcamp via dialy.so (30 days)

“People do business with people they know, like and trust.”

  • Bob Burg

BIP builds attention and trust

Here are 5 non-obvious ways to

Here’s an almost real life transcript of the kind of conversations I was having with myself daily:

  • “KP, you’re NOT a writer by any means. You grew up in a tiny village and barely learned English so don’t make a fool of yourself by showing your limits of the language.”
  • “KP, you’re not an expert. You’ve got no degrees or impressive projects so why even bother share any advice or insights.”

Here are 3 fears that almost made me give up on building in public behind I had a chance to get better at it:

  • Fear that the top creators/ thought leaders in my niche of no-code have already said what’s needed (ex: Ben Tossell)
  • Fear that I’m not an expert
  • Fear that I’m not good enough


  • Hook and an image
  • Personal story
  • Listicle of 5-10 actionable tips
  • Additional reading