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To be sangfroid.

I’m stoked to share with you a new identity I am designing for myself.

I have confidence in the practice and power of deliberately choosing a “new identity” and working hard to stand by it to make it real. I have done it just last year. After shutting down my SaaS startup, I had to shed my identity as a “startup founder” temporarily and embrace a new one.

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3 ways writing a journal daily has helped me.

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.”
Christina Baldwin

I have accidentally discovered my favorite habit of this year yet: writing in a journal daily.

Unlike my other habits (reading, money-saving and eating healthy) that were all deliberately planned after reading about their power, I didn’t discover the effectiveness of keeping a journal in any self-help book but really from my own experience.

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A new week, a new book.

This week, I’ve picked up a new book from an online used book store called “Thrift Books” for $7 (no shame) and it’s already paying me dividends. The book is titled “The Compound Effect” , written by a former “Success” magazine editor Darren Hardy. As you may know from my past writing, I’m a sucker of habit-related literature and this book was hailed by many as a simple and no-BS approach to improving your habits.

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What’s holding you down?

One of the hardest things in life is transformation. Most people are born one way and they remain mostly in the same realm.

Even when facing real life challenges like poverty or obesity or unfulfilling life, people view growth as something bad, unnecessary and out of their reach.

But great things are often on the other side of transformation.

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What is your super power that's helping reduce the grip of limiting beliefs?

A year ago (May 2018) I had so many limiting beliefs — largely because I didn’t have any of the below habits that are part of my routine now:

1) Read at least 2 pages from a growth mindset book at 6:45 AM (WEEKDAYS)

2) Meditate 15 minutes on the train during my morning commute to work (WEEKDAYS)

3) Reflect on and jot down daily affirmations in my journal (WEEKDAYS)

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