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On perspective.

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. — Seneca

A lot of our life is us running away from obstacles or problems. Why?

Because of our evolutionary primitive “limbic” parts of our brain. Seth Godin simply calls this the “lizard brain” that defaults to fight or flight mode when faced with a challenging situation.

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What if you had a friend in you?

I had an interesting thought this morning.

We all tend to have a really harsh critic in us. This critic is judgmental of all of our micro actions and leads the narrative of how ashamed we should be of our mistakes and misunderstandings. This voice goes on and on in listing all the things we suck at currently, how insanely flawless others’ lives are comparatively, how we should aspire to make more money, develop an attractive physique and accomplish all of the massive goals we have. And only then — we are deserving of happiness and fulfillment of human life.

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