It's not you, it's your self-cherishing that is making life difficult for you.

I’m going to be honest with you guys. The past week was a period of time where I kept harboring low-key negative thoughts and getting upset because of external events or people.

A part* of my mind wanted to scream and say “Why is life being so difficult?”

The irony is that I know the solution in times like this. But following my own advice felt hard with the “feeling of why is this so difficult” tightening its grip on me.

And then I came across a story this morning.

It was about Suraj, a visually impaired man in India. One day last week he was walking mistakenly in the middle of the road and was about to get hit. Instead, a good samaritan gave the man a ride in his car to which Suraj expressed his gratitude. He shared that he was going to his university to attend a class and that he gets a scholarship for about $70 a month to make ends meet. The guy who gave him the ride felt moved by Suraj’s grit and enthusiasm to still keep chasing his goals despite an obvious hindrance like visual impairment. At the end of the ride when asked about how difficult his life was, Suraj apparently simply smiled and nodded “Life is difficult but I am trying my best.”

That single statement blew me away. I kept trying to view life from his shoes and it just humbled me.

The part of me that wanted to scream how difficult life felt earlier this week was silenced.

We live such blessed lives if we choose to look at them that way.

But that nasty little part of your mind blocks you from trying your best.

It prevents you from letting go of little things.

It drives fear through out your mind assuming the worst from others.

It take your self-esteem hostage and won’t let you have peace if you don’t fight for it.

It destroys everything beautiful around you by attaching negative meaning to events.

Some people call that part ego, some call it self-cherishing.

Either way, life is definitely better when you learn to manage it and get it under your control. Not the other way around.