Curiosity can be a great aide if you learn to tap into it.

Often during a stressful event or in the middle of a rough day, we never stop to think that maybe we should pause. We think we ought to keep swinging for a positive result until we get fully exhausted.

Great athletes stop, pause, reflect and re-assess many times during a game.

You can’t just swing harder to victory when the situation is messy/tricky.

So, learn to pause.

When you do pause, use genuine curiosity as a helpful tool to get clarity on what’s going underneath your unhappiness. Too often, we notice that we aren’t feeling pleasant and quickly rush to point fingers or blame someone/something.

The traffic, the partner, the boss or the barista. These are superficial causes of the emotions.

Get underneath the emotions that are bothering you.

Ask yourself: “Why am I feeling unhappy right now?”

You don’t even have to find an answer quickly but keep asking that question over and over genuinely.

Curiosity brings clarity.

The real answer will soon be revealed to you and you can use that clarity to find strength.