Ship or Not to Ship

If you are someone who likes to build projects (whether it is a new website or an app), this is the question that dangles over your head every time you sit down to work on your project:

“Ship or Not to Ship.”

You clearly enjoy the process of building and making things hence you invested time on this idea.

But you maybe thinking that you are weird because you don’t enjoy the process of shipping because you have been hesitating.

Here’s the thing: No one thoroughly enjoys that step. But the “great doers” do it anyway.

No one likes to be “judged” and “analyzed” and potentially criticized. But to protect yourself from criticism by hiding your authentic ideas also limits you from being vulnerable.

And your life is incomplete without vulnerability. There is no growth without feedback. And yes it’s not all roses and rainbows but it’s all going to be fine.

People might berate your idea or your insights but no one can take the pride that comes from fulfilling your identify as a maker/doer. That is the ultimate prize. You had an idea, you took it to life and shipped it publicly and owned the glory and the rejection that came with it.

Most people optimize life so they can die without getting berated. But history doesn’t remember them. Only the makers and doers who dared to dream and act on their dreams.