Insecurities & our life long quest to fill those holes.

Each of us have a unique set of insecurities we inherit mostly from our childhood.

Some of us are more sensitive to others’ opinions than usual. Some of us are more upset about the unmet promises in the world. Some of us are more annoyed by the body image fluctuations than others.

A lot of these weren’t present when we were 2-3 years old. We weren’t born with any of these insecurities but somehow we carry this burden all our lives and aim to fill these holes eternally.

But when you think about it, no amount of external success can fill those deeply buried holes. You know this but hear it from someone who’s sold his previous company to Amazon for $900m, Justin Kan:

Justin Kan tweeted:

Like many I’ve spent my whole life trying to source approval from the outside world to fill a hole in my heart. I’ve tried to fill it with money, fame and success. But whether it’s $50 or $50m, or 50k twitter followers, everything I’ve thrown down the well has never been enough.

In the words of Fred Rogers, what matters in this life is more than winning for ourselves. What truly matters is helping others win too.

Even if it means slowing down and changing our course now and then.

If you soften your heart and accept yourself first, work on un-judging yourself too harshly over your insecurities, you will win at life. And once you figure that freedom out, you can liberate others too.

There is no greater approval than acceptance from your own soul and inner wisdom.