Find meaning.

Human life is a series of ups and downs. Have you ever had a full week without unpleasant feelings arising in your mind? Sometimes even within a day, we’ll see our mind waver between feeling hopeful and upset.

Although we can definitely choose to focus on gratitude, optimism and contentment, it never is that easy in practice. Our self-narrative just wants to focus on “what’s missing” parts of life.

There is never a steady beam only light without darkness lurking around the corner.

As Buddha discovered, the human life itself is suffering.

So it is highly optimal that we learn to practice endurance and resilience during rough bumpy times.

Here’s one recommendation:

Find meaning. Find a higher purpose. Make it less about you and your self-interests. Make it more about how it can be used to either teach you wisdom or help someone in need.

Meaning is the dressing we can give to suffering so we can survive it.