Taking 100% responsibility is hard.

One hard life lesson is this: You are responsible for your circumstances and your emotions. There is no escape.

I don’t love that harsh lesson because at times it feels* like someone else is causing the problem you are facing. It doesn’t matter. You can’t surrender your peace (and thereby happiness) to the circumstances of your life whether they are justified or not.

Justin Kan recently tweeted: “Adopt an attitude of taking 100% responsibility for your life at home and at work. Not for others’ sake but for your own: feeling like things are happening *to* you and not because of your choices will make you miserable.”

I couldn’t agree more. One interesting epiphany I had after framing to be the architect of my circumstance than a victim is having to *sit with unpleasant feelings* and not blame others. It requires patience + a deep sense of understanding.

“Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It's not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Period.” — Wayne Dyer