The four components of mindset that helped me make progress.

We all carry a unique mindset whether we admit that we do or not.

It is this sub-conscious programming that makes everything else in our life possible. It is the root of our decision making.

Your life is no longer the same when you discover that you have the power to architect it the way you want it to be. This process is simple but not easy since we all tend to get lost in the trivial obstacles life presents us and we tend to give up on planning grand things. This is a trap which I sincerely hope you don’t fall into. Just because a few things don’t go your way, don’t stop dreaming. Time will fly and suddenly you are on your death bed and the last thing you want to be thinking is “Wish I had done something different”.

So, back to that mindset. What is it really comprised of?

I can share what I think is the makeup of my mindset is. I’d love to hear your break down as well. (in the comments below) Here we go:

Vision: It all starts with the grand plan. It has to be something bigger than you (and your personal wants). Mine goes like this: I want to be able to create an impact and leave the world better than when I found it. A great vision gives you strength and a purpose for your voyages.

Intuition: This is hard to explain but to me it is about “seeing” and “sensing” greatness. It is what you feel when you look at Van Gogh’s art. It is what you feel when you walk into a flagship Apple Store. It is what you feel when you watch Serena plays like a champion. It is the presence of greatness in the area. Intuition is being able to sense this intangible quality and wanting to replicate that in your work because greatness is timeless. Given a chance, you’d want to create something that’s remarkable not mediocre.

Belief (identity)

This one is hard to be honest. We tend to believe after the outcomes come but not before. You will tend to believe that you are in fact a writer/founder/artist/filmmaker after your first big success. But the key here is to even develop habits/routines that will put you on the right track, you have to believe when there’s absolutely no evidence. It has to be embraced as an identity - “this is who I am.” Your actions will naturally follow later.

Micro actions (compounded over time)

Probably the most important piece of the mindset is “action” aka the “execution” . I personally struggled with this a lot in my early 20s where I had such grand vision but when my actions felt minuscule compared to the bar I set out to achieve, I was getting constantly bummed out. I thought I wasn’t meant to be or that I wasn’t trying harder. It took me about 7 years and lots of failure to figure out the key. It is about consistent micro non-judgmental action and letting compound interest do the magic for you. Each micro-action you do in the service of your identity counts as a vote and they all quickly add up over time. You don’t even need special powers or motivation but you will need a ton of patience and belief in the process. I’ve achieved a whole lot once I discovered this important life lesson. Nobody wants to get to the top of the mountain slowly through daily actions but really that is the only sustainable path.

These are my findings on what comprises my mindset. What is your perspective and what makes your mindset?