Indie Hackers ATL Meetup (July 2019 edition)

Last night was special.

I got to host the 4th consecutive Indie Hackers Atlanta meetup at Atlanta Tech Village. (overall 5th this year)

We had about 35 people attend this edition with a great mix of recurring attendees and some first-timers who dropped by.

If you’ve never heard of Indie Hackers, it is a knowledge sharing community for internet bootstrappers and founders. It started around 2016 and rose to popularity quickly and became the top destination for people to transparently share their revenue milestones, struggles they are facing and strategies/hacks on acquiring new customers as self-funded founders. Their content has been incredible and so helpful to many founders (including me) in navigating the startup waters. IH became so “central” to the internet bootstrappers that Stripe acquired them a year of their starting.

I’ve been following their story from the beginning and I’m still an active user of the forum. Now, they have 55+ global chapters and I am an organizer for the Altanta meetup.

What’s cool about yesterday was that we had the founders of Indie Hackers among the audience. A few weeks ago, I cold-reached out to Courtland Allen on Twitter and inquired if he’d ever visit Atlanta. As luck would have it, he said he was already making plans in July so I invited him over to the meetup and he said he’d be happy to come along with his brother (who is also a co-founder). Below are some pictures from our event last night:

I had a great time interviewing to the founder duo and learning about their entrepreneurial story. We also had 3 makers from Atlanta present their side-projects. It was so cool to have Courtland and Channing ask questions, take interest in and participate in the meetup. You can tell I was so pumped for our chapter.

I’ve started out as a maker last October but gradually I’m evolving into a community builder. I never planned for it but it’s giving me so much joy bringing people together and helping projects/ideas succeed.