To be sangfroid.

I’m stoked to share with you a new identity I am designing for myself.

I have confidence in the practice and power of deliberately choosing a “new identity” and working hard to stand by it to make it real. I have done it just last year. After shutting down my SaaS startup, I had to shed my identity as a “startup founder” temporarily and embrace a new one.

I vowed I would be a “maker” and just decided I will do anything to embrace, practice and sustain that identity. I moved my life around this new identity and formed new habits that put me closer and closer to that persona.

This time, I want to pick up a new one that’s less sexy. It’s to be sangfroid.


Sangfroid: composure or coolness, sometimes excessive, as shown in danger or under trying circumstances.

The way I see it is being sangfroid is a mindset. It’s about keeping inner peace and internal happiness balanced even when external factors go awry.

Life can give you lemons but if you can keep a cool head, you don’t get upset or sad too often. Even if you do, you will bounce back quickly. That is what I want to practice the next few months.

Being sangfroid also requires deliberately letting go of judging other people, worrying about low-key issues, focusing on flaws and defaults to celebrating what’s good in life more often than what’s wrong.

I’m sharing this to hold myself accountable. Can you keep an eye on me? ;)