Lessons from the last 3-5 years.

I love reflection from time to time. It helps me pause and fully recognize how far I’ve come and where I am going next. In no particular order, when I sat down to reflect, below are some of the lessons that flashed my mind. I thought I’ll share them with you and invite you to write down your own unique lessons that you have learned in the last 3-5 years.

  • People waste time stuntin’ — always playing status games trying to be the most popular person. But none of that matters in the end. What matters is the impact you’ve had on someone on a deep level. It could just be two people that you have touched through your work AND that’s a life well lived.

  • If you haven’t had a rosy privileged childhood, accept it. Your past is your fort. It’s your kingdom on which your story is being built brick by brick by you. It’s where you came from. Own it like a souvenir of pride. Black Panther didn’t drop from Manhattan, he came from f*cking Wakanda.

  • You are not your skills, not your past, not your talents or work ethic. You are what you do with all of those gifts. Be a learner but most importantly a doer.

  • Be someone who has great daily habits and earn compound interest in everything with daily actions.

  • Be around great people, learn through osmosis. Be around great thoughts and ideas, learn through imitation.

  • Do the hard things before you get to do the fun things. We are the choices we make. We are the life we choose to live.

  • Rejection is part of life. Just live with it. You don’t need all the 100% people to like you or give you what you need. If out of a 100%, only the right 2-3 people open a door for you, you can do wonders. Double count your yeses before you get lost in tallying up your nos.

  • Accept that some people may not like your vibe or care much for it. It’s not a final judgement they are passing on you. Look for the ones who are kind to you and willing to receive your gift. Give them your gifts and be thankful.

  • Energy is everything. Who you choose to spend your time, energy and money is really everything.

  • Life is just the chances you take. The hardships you endure. The stories you tell yourself about your dream, the habits you create and actually executing those dreams. Anything is possible if you are willing to work hard for it.

  • Nobody can stop you except your worse habits and minds. The stories you tell yourself during the low energy moments can impact your life dramatically. Why are you NOT 100%? Is someone’s judgement stopping you? Is your own goddamn craving/desire to be accepted stopping you? What is your “LIMITING” belief and how can you fix it?

  • A lot of day to day is being constantly in the midst of chaos (anger and sadness) and slipping and falling. We don’t stop tripping as we walk through life but just like that 1 year baby you, don’t stop walking and exploring. Where are your feet taking you lately? The world is your oyster. What new adventures are you taking? What are you doing that you love despite failing and tripping?