Silence is essential.

Are you feeling like you’re mostly just getting by day to day without having a feeling of fulfillment or deep satisfaction?

If so, here are some ideas you may use to enhance the quality of your day:

1) Have at least one sincere emotional exchange with someone (laughter, gratitude, empathy)

2) Read at least one article from start to finish with an appreciation for the author

3) Write a thank-you note to your coworker or a boss for believing in you

4) Reach out to an old friend and let them know how much you enjoy their company

5) Thank one follower you have on social media who “chose” to follow you/your ideas

6) Check-in with one younger person you know who may be struggling with being judged for lack of experience

7) Spare a few minutes reminiscing how someone has gone out of their way and encouraged you or advised you when you needed it

8) In the case where you can do none of the above, have 10 minutes today to simply spend on silence and reflection

Silence is not the lack of sound or noise. It is a sincere choice to give space for your deep human nature to rise to the front. Normally we bury our inner self with the trivial circumstantial matters but silence can remind yourself to let go of the inessential and take a moment to marvel in all the blessings in life right now, right here.