Recap of Indie Hackers Atlanta Meetup (April Edition)

One of my unexpected discoveries from last year was how much I enjoy being part of a community.

What’s even better than being part of it?

Building one.

To me community can be *just* two people who value each other and believe in becoming better by holding each other accountable.

After running a small meetup with just a few founders at coffee shops and huddle rooms called Zero To Ten, I finally got the opportunity to expand my passion to a larger group in the name of “Indie Hackers Atlanta Meetup”. Indie Hackers is an online gathering of primarily developer founders who openly share strategies and stories on they built their startups.

Yesterday was our first event at the amazing Atlanta Tech Village (who has generously donated their venue space for this event!) and we had a fantastic time!

My co-host Stevo and I kicked off the event by first thanking everyone for coming and investing their time to meet with other like-minded people. I shared our goal to keep the spirit of this meetup to be about welcoming any one to discuss their ideas, projects and most importantly the dreams they may have shelved. All of our ideas are most fragile and vulnerable in the early days so I know how important it is to ensure nobody feels the burden of “judgmental air” in the room. This of course starts with the hosts and I strive to understand and encourage what each and every member is working on.

The event had 15 technical and non-technical makers sharing about their latest projects and side-hustles and welcoming others to chime in and offer feedback. It was great to witness so many really smart people open up and talk about their “seemingly silly” ideas that may be one day become huge ventures. (who knows!)

Anyway, our next meetup is on May 23rd (we are planning to meet every 4th Tuesday of the month). I hope to see some of you there if you live in Atlanta.

Here’s where you can sign up and reserve your spot:

The extra special part was when one of the attendees half-way through the event shared with me that she obtained permission to sponsor pizza and drinks for the next meetup. It was a wonderful gesture from her and speaks to how the community can quickly rally around a good idea in Atlanta.

We’re always happy to find ways to help local companies so if you have any further sponsorship ideas, please reach out to me on