An interesting definition of happiness

I recently read a quote somewhere online that stuck with me:

“Happiness is badly wanting what you already have.

Alternatively, it is also NOT wanting what you don’t have.” — Anonymous

When seen through this lens, it appears empirically true.

The times I am most happy overlap with me taking a moment and reflecting how many incredible gifts I’ve been given. In essence, practicing gratitude for all the things I do have.

The times I am most unhappy coincide with me feeling incomplete or inadequate without an external object/person/affirmation. It feels (in the moment) that acquiring whatever I perceive as missing in my life is what I need to feel good again.

There’s studies to back this happiness definition.

One study found that people who identified themselves as being happy with only the “best products” tended to be “less "content” than others.

"Rather, they are those who both have the things they want and want the things they have."

"Simply having a bunch of things is not the key to happiness," Larsen said in a release. "Our data show that you also need to appreciate those things you have. It's also important to keep your desire for things you don't own in check."

What is your definition of happiness? What makes you unhappy in life? Feel free to weigh in your thoughts/comments.