The circle of NOW

Draw a circle around you and call that circle "NOW".  The present. The current moment. 

Realize that you only control this tiny circle. You only definitely have what's in this circle. That's the only thing about life that is granted to you. The NOW. It's a hard hitting reality but even your future is not guaranteed. Tomorrow may or may be a possibility for you. Not in a sad way but truly in a pragmatic fashion. Be real to yourself. Enjoy your "NOW" and say thanks for all the gifts you currently have. 

You may already have a well-paying job. You may have some fine clothes you like. You may have an amazing gadget that you love. You may have a beautiful family and people who want to spend time with you. You may have a highly admirable talent that is so natural to you. You may have amazing features and a body that responds positively to a good diet. These are your gifts if you are willing to see them that way. Imagine how many millions of people don’t have half of the above list and continue to exist in our world.

Give your attention to all the things going your way in the present and you’ll experience joy. Gratitude is a great gateway drug to inner peace and happiness.