Meet UnDeck.

I have some exciting news to share today. If you’ve been following me, you might remember that I ventured into “no-code” product development back in Nov 2018. This is a new movement where even non-coders like me can discover resources from other creatives/makers and build scrappy tools to practice shipping to help the community.

What this process taught me was amazing. It helped me realize how easy it is to test ideas, gather feedback and relieved me of all the pressure I previously had trying to bring my ideas to life.

Well, today, I am front of you with another product. It’s built on easy-to-use tools such as AirTable, Table2Site and MailChimp. 

Inspired by Unsplash and Undraw, this project is called UnDeck and it scratches a long term itch of mine to bring all of the most useful tools/resources/examples to build great pitch decks under one roof.

It’s live on ProductHunt at this link.

I would love your feedback, support and comments. 
And as always, thank you for supporting an indie maker.