Examples of how some people replaced bad habits with good ones.

I’ve chanced upon an insightful thread created by James Clear where he asked his Twitter followers to share stories of how they replaced bad habits with good ones.

First off, it’s important to note that most habits are chronic and people can’t simply quit cold turkey. In his book, Atomic Habits, James discusses more on this and how it’s always a better strategy to use “replacement” than restrain when trying to improve habits.

So when he posted this thread (link here), I was naturally curious to see how several people got over their obstacles. Below are some interesting examples:

“I replaced smoking with collecting fountain pens. - @DestinationsHy1

Snacking on carrots w/ garlic hummus instead of chips. - @RhodesianRabbit

Replaced late night ice cream eating with drinking a fancy herbal tea instead :) - @SarahMaddack

I’ve found habit stacking works best for me so far. Ordering large glass of water with every coffee! - @MuchLoveKirsty

Instead of watching TV before bed I now plan the next day's events in my trusty planner. - @ChadWSU

Habit of self defamation to finding value in weaknesses. The law of Weakness of strength for example- my impulsive nature (at times) is a part of my spontaneous mind (a huge strength). - @stocks2live4

Switched from credit card to spending card. Loading what you spend makes you think twice. - Ryan Zehring

Replaced drinking with fishing...both satisfy the same need to reduce stress. One healthy the other not so...- @JackD___

I listened to your podcast with justin jackson and really liked this specific part, "making good decisions at specific moments" like reading after waking up instead of checking addictive websites.- the_sealed_tanker‏ @theSealedTanker

Reading instead of Netflix Carrots instead of chips Big breakfast instead of big dinner Morning exercise instead of morning email Daily meditation instead of daily stress Daily reflection instead of blaming circumstances Focusing on others problems instead of my wants -@Rehman_A