On daily affirmations.

You are the story you are constantly telling yourself.

Obviously your real-life experiences have a strong deterministic role in the kind of story you are repeating in your head. But often, your narrative is jarred by judgement and a negativity bias.

It is not your fault. It’s just our evolutionary dynamics kicking in and forcing our mind to remember the remote possibilities of “danger” and take our focus there.

But this tends to end up creating a living misery called your “daily life”.

Your prediction engine aka the brain loves to believe it can successfully infer the future on your behalf — in realty it truly cannot.

No one can conclusively predict the future. The future is not promised nor is it 100% linear from the lens of the past. Half the time, we suffer through our day because of the “stern story” we are telling ourselves about our own own possibilities. David Cancel calls these limiting beliefs. (s/o Seeking Wisdom podcast)

These beliefs are powerful in that they shape behavior which ultimately produces results. Thereby, this becomes an endless loop. Identity -> Behaviors -> Results -> Identity

Let’s take an example of someone who believes: “I am the type of person who is clumsy and disorganized and hence I could never get better.” This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. There’s no help here unless you choose to rewire your beliefs and start with a new affirmation that you are the type of person who is organized. Your behaviors and habits will follow your beliefs.

To counter-act this negativity bias, a lot of writers in habit science suggest using a simple method: Create and repeat a set of daily affirmations.

Here’s a couple affirmations I created recently for example:

“I believe

I am the type of person who

sticks to the task at hand and doesn’t get distracted or discouraged. ”

“I believe

I am the type of person who

makes concrete decisions without deferring or delaying them

in the fear or being right or wrong. “

What are your thoughts on this topic? What has worked for you? How do you pull yourself out of limiting beliefs and form better habits? Share your comments/opinions below.