Build a personal learning group (PLG)

2019 — the new year is upon us and that means we have an opportunity to upgrade ourselves. (Well, we can do it any day but this is a nice trigger so how about using it productively?)

Here’s an idea: Start your personal learning group (PLG).

It’s just a set of people whose behaviors you admire, whose values align with yours and who are willing to help/share/teach.

The beauty is you don’t need a ton of people in this. May be 1-2 to start with and ideally about 10 individuals before it gets too crowded.

Aim to study their behaviors, they habits, the narratives they tell themselves, the way they navigate the muddy waters of life, the way they lift people around them up.

These people could be anywhere. Somebody right in your gym, your co-working space or even on Twitter.

James Clear says ideally this group should have your “desired behavior” as their “normal behavior”.

It’s especially a great way to embrace a new identity like an entrepreneur, a maker, writer or a designer.

Pro Tip: An even better idea would be reaching out to them (in-person, email or DM) and letting them know that you are about to embark on a new adventure and would love to keep them posted by sending monthly or quarterly updates. Be careful when you do this as most people think you are expecting something in return (validation, time, insights or money from them). The very busy people would hate this since they have a million more things to worry about. But be genuine and make it 1 sided. Make it about what you can do for them. Also tell them it’s just that you are treating them as an accountability partner but not really anything more.