Be your own consumer.

For several years, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs sold computers to people exactly like him. More importantly, NOT for the masses.

This is a completely counter-intuitive notion to many of the hardware entrepreneurs today where everybody wants to engulf the entire market just by a piece of plastic.

It doesn’t happen like that, it will never happen like that. 

When you start out fresh, you don’t have the experience and understanding of the entire market, so naturally you can’t sell to everyone. But it is hard to resist the feeling to go big. It is extremely tempting to compare yourself with the rest and the best of the field and aspire to outsell them.

On the contrary, Steve always believed to do small things first with great perfection. Apple made computers only for the misfits. For the different. For the rebels. So, they clearly focused on that part of the market. Only that.

He always said, “We made computers for ourselves, and for people like us. We weren’t just the manufacturers, we acted like we were the consumers too. That helped Apple a lot.”

So, a great advice for many aspiring entrepreneurs who aren’t quite sure about how to sell to masses: SIMPLY NEVER SELL TO THE MASSES.