Sharing research on a recent hypothesis (Knot)

20 days ago, as I shared first on this blog, I ventured out to do research on a new startup idea. The "hypothesis" was that we need a better Linkedin for people in startups. It came from a personal frustration living the founder life the last few years and realizing how Linkedin was squarely focused towards mature businesses (often B2B) but not really fledgling startups whose needs are pretty different, unique and urgent. Some of the smartest people on the planet are either working at or building a young startup. Linkedin is not serving this niche and is increasingly getting impersonal and noisy but again that's my POV.

So I went out to seek if other startup folk felt like me. For the next 20 days, I've asked questions on forums and spoke with people collecting their opinions and thoughts from several perspectives. The goal was NOT to create the next Linkedin but at the very minimum go super deep on this topic to discover a better problem statement than saying "Linkedin sucks".

This weekend, I published the research I had so far out..

Click here for the full report. 

Feel free to chime in your thoughts/feedback. I'll be working on the next stage of phone and in-person interviews to add more flesh to this skeleton.