Hey maker, don't eat the cake.

I've got to acknowledge how incredibly exciting it feels to actually build something. Makers, builders and founders are a very peculiar breed and generally show signs right from childhood. The way you could tell them apart from a large set of kids was how they couldn't resist the urge to build something new. Tinkerers is probably a better word to describe them.

So naturally as you do this for years, you are so attuned to building something without careful planning because you are chasing the feeling of satisfaction. The "high" or "kick" you get from shipping something to the world. 

Yet unfortunately, that's not how startup businesses are built. The goal of a software startup is learning not building in a quiet corner of the world. You have to make something that people want. 

Which means you have to follow the regimen of experimenting and testing with a discipline and focus to find your 100 or 10 true fans. That is hard and will take time and multiple iterations. I compare it to eating healthy and measuring calories meticulously daily/weekly per plan.

Building something that people want is a strict diet. 

Resist the temptation to just give in and eat the cake. Be judicious.