Haaave you met Twitter?

I know you know Twitter but have you tapped into the full potential of Twitter yet?

The popular assumption is that there is no value in social media and that can be true if you are being naive about it. At a cursory level of understanding, Twitter seems like a cesspool of trolls and mobsters spewing useless thoughtless crap. However, (unfortunately or fortunately) it is also the space where internet's most intellectual gather to share their thoughts/insights with the world.

I personally never cared about using it the last few years until a month ago when I have come across Naval Ravikant and his brilliance on Twitter. Also found out about Shane Parrish of Farnam Street. And James Clear. And many more interesting positive doers and change makers. I love reading views of local entrepreneurs in Atlanta like David Cummings and Dave Payne too.

Twitter has been absolutely life-changing to me in the last month. Also in the same time, I fully truly understood the power of asking specific questions.(more on that in a different post).

Basically, if you have a specific ask and want the world's top teachers on that topic to help you, now you can directly ask them. Obviously, the responses are not guaranteed but most "teachers" have the urge to answer specific questions given they have a spare moment. It also helps you place dots with important people. 

But how to NOT fall victim to the useless trolls on the platform? Well, just like you would in real life practice walking away and ignore them as much as you can. This is where Naval Ravikant's tips on how to use Twitter the right way might help you.

Check them out here.

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